The year 2016 was the continuing religious and political strife including wars of conquest, civil wars, elections, choices and economic compression.


As the ending of the Obama Presidency was an eight year continuation of imbecilic and dark agendas with the history being revealed as most are becoming quickly aware of.  


American diplomacy managed to create new military interventions and wars in reverse alphabetic order: Yemen, Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, Russia,The Philippines, Palestine, Pakistan, Mali, Malaysia, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Haiti, Georgia, Egypt, Columbia, China, Armenia, Central Africa, Brazil and Afghanistan. There are also coalitions of the other countries that competed in a bizarre and deadly scheme of globalistic domination of resource rich, emerging third world countries. The middle east and the islamic world was a primary focus in Syria with a vicious mercenary group isis conducting the most barbaric, inhuman terrorism guised as a civil war while stealing for the hidden hand of planetary elite power.   


With effects of world events being cast by the media questioned as fake news and the commercialistic corrupted capitalism of debt money systems there is a challenge to society and one answer has been fomenting revolution.  Uranus in Aries is on an 84 year cycle where it spends seven years in each of the 12 signs.  Its last passage through Aries was in the 1930’s of the depression where radical political parties began the New Deal , the Nazi’s, Imperial Japan, Communism and great advances in technology.  The financial depression was worldwide and also generated great wealth and power over the masses. The imbalances lead to the tipping of the scales.  Fairness and legal certainty is the framework of contracts and such are bonds of duty, oath and privilege in society.  The esoteric exaltation of Jupiter in Libra transiting demands a higher standard in inand is shared by President Trump the movement to balance and justice naturally becomes a higher more expanded vision.


The ability to act requires both support and independence. Once the decision is made then the play is set and the first point is to go forward from a set position. If there is imbalance then there is revolution and change.    


The most significant viewpoint of 2017, Jupiter's T-square to Uranus-Pluto.  This combines the realities of leadership, balance and energy.  How it affects the USA, a Cancerian country is transiting a Grand Cross.  This has been shown through the spiritual revolution being supported by the technological transformation.  It has also shown through the eyes of the religious organizations to be undermining the will of the people just as the citizens of countries have awakened to their political leadership being corrupted.  

Personally, individually no matter the country advancing technology creates better environments through adaptation and intelligence.  The collaborations between Russia, USA, China, Japan, Germany and the smaller collectives of nations created a world reformation of the UN.  The unified energy began with first indications of this were upon the eclipse of Feb 26th 2017 means a revolutionary event will affect the law, through new court decisions and referendums.


The funding of mercenaries radical religious rebels in poor countries to expand extremism and terrorism Europe and the USA stopped quickly and the secret and military interventions in these conflicts are being exposed. Of Truth the first step was the factual reality of the balance sheet. This is Jupiter in Libra. Gather all information for harvest. Bring everyone to a central point, the Law.  The law is formatted on the Truth and will be acted upon to enforce this principle in action. There is revolution when there is an impasse, when the Truth is not known, when conflict between reality and the plan is adverse and complete. There is justice when balance is restored and there is order and lawful structure of sovereignty and peace.


The USA woke up to the physical cost in lives, resources, reputation and integrity.  America, with the Grand Cross and the T-Square of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter concentrated on the home environment and growing business, focusing on health and legal problems with corruption and treason.

The turning point of the Uranus Pluto direct square in 2008 was economic the 2012 disaster was political with the added Saturn’s three year travel through Scorpio affecting society at its roots in a harsh judgement to discover the roots of deceit and manipulation.  The reforms hoped for and  leadership in 2012 demands 2017 be a year of leadership to bring reformation, transformation and innovation. These could include organic agricultural, health and ecological reforms and human rights.  

The sign of Libra brings fairness and real justice.  Jupiter transiting Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus and sextiles Jupiter to set this world reformation for  2017. The year of political and constitutional restitution.  The promise proposed as To make America Great Again the mantra speaks of higher purpose designed by Jupiter.  To make america good again, happy again, peaceful again, prosperous again, healthy again is really to bring forward a positive message of egalitarian pragmatism where society becomes an adaptive, creative species as collectives to insure peace prosperity and good will.  It is of this overreaching reality where Jupiter guides the population to the bonded relationship of equality and human rights.