August 23 - September 23

  • Astrological Symbol
  • Zodiac Symbol
    Virgin Maiden
  • Constellation
  • Element
  • Zodiac quality
  • Color of choice
    Green and Dark Brown
  • Starstone

You are an analytical and critical individual. You are also practical and discriminating, and may be fussy.

You are in constant need for improvement and motivated by the need to be helpful and to be of service in a tangible, and a humble unassuming way.

Virgos have a highly developed mind and should work in an area where they can exercise their intellectual faculties. Virgos make excellent teachers and instructors and can also be involved in law, engineering, accounting, advertising or technical work dealing with scientific research, in the chemical, automotive or medical fields. Virgo is a sign of patience, adaptability and detail.

As a Virgo you will do well in any field that requires a retentive memory, concentration and infinite detail. In positions where you can become a supervisor or a manager. You excel at work requiring you to deal with people. You may have the desire to be a creative writer and can achieve success in this field in fact or fiction.

Mercury rules the higher intellect. Virgos are behind the scenes people and tend to be modest, retiring and reserved. Seldom do they become actors, singers or musicians, although they have talent.

You admire the qualities of honesty, hard work and competence. You are not interested in popularity and fame for you naturally dislike the spotlight because it causes you to tighten up. You are interested in things getting better, improving the quality of life, having business run more efficiently, making more money by using your valuable services, or better security for your family. Virgo's look for honesty and integrity and they keep your promises and are always on time. You respect a person who keeps his word.

Virgos are not all prudish school teachers or cold and indifferent, they are kind, warm, responsible human beings. The Virgo tendency to be slightly withdrawn and aloof is protective. You respond to wit and humor if it is not vulgar.

Many Virgos respond to realistic labor, physical hard work or dealing with practical down to earth things like food, running hotels or catering to the public. You also become proficient in realistic mental work such as an accountant, in electronics or computer work. You are slow but sure in your financial growth as a rule. You have a natural caution that tells you that you are better off in the safe and the sure things. Virgos work well with others and might consider going into business with a friend or marriage partner. You do not like to make decisions or do things on your own without another person's reassurances. Going into partnership with someone is a more successful path than doing it alone for a Virgo.

Virgos need to try to overcome the tendency they have to be petty, detailed and constantly looking for flaws. This is a negative trait that often bogs you down in vacillations, indecision, pettiness and keeps you from adopting a broad viewpoint of overall success. When you get past this flaw in your personality makeup you can make an excellent manager, director, or supervisor of other workers.

Virgos are perfectionists and you are rapid in your thoughts and actions. You must also be cautious not to let your superior and very discriminating mind become impatient with the slowness or lack of perception of workers under you. In becoming more successful you learn how to make friends of rich, successful and socially prominent people by overcoming shyness and reserve.

When you get out of your fear of being on stage or recognized, you will find more satisfaction in life and join clubs with prosperous and successful people and belong to groups with people of similar interest. It is important for you to make contact and show off some of your wealth of talents. You are learning the attunement of your soul to essential values, service and constantly improving yourself.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
    Pluto and Mercury
  • Fall
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    0.24 years
  • Body rotation period
    1,408 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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