April 20 - May 21

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  • Color of choice
    Pink Green
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You are a reliable and solid individual. You have a strong need for stable routine and security. You can be stubborn. As a Taurus you take pride in your possessions, assets, and in your own stability. You need to be of value and be recognized for reliability and your abilities. Being reluctant to change can hinder your growth and individuality. You enjoy anything that has to do with wealth, finances, investments, real estate and material possessions. Your first choice of a profession would be in a field where you can use your excellent money and investment sense. The fields of finance and industry are generally the first choice of a Taurus. You tend to avoid legal or medical professions and are better in work that requires imagination and creativity. Many under this sign go into real estate and make excellent builders, contractors and land developers or they can often can succeed in agriculture.

Your ruling planet is Venus; all that is beautiful, artistic and creative. The second choice for a career for the Taurus is the artist and creative fields. Taurus rules the throat and vocal area. Taurus makes excellent singers, actors and speakers or successful authors. They can succeed in any profession requiring the use of the voice or through creative medium of words in print.

It is not easy to motivate you, to help you in success and riches, or to separate you from your money. Taurus rules money and what captures your immediate interest. You are naturally suspicious of people that flatter you, because you know they want something. People that are interesting to you are successful people who have stock market investments, property for income and growth and in any person that has a service or product that can add to your income in the future and give you security for your family and yourself.

You are also very interested in anything about your home and your children, because you have a great desire to give your family comfort security, education and social advantages. Your interest in love, and romance finds the soft spot in your heart. You are also vain in the appreciation of your own youth and appearance. You want wealth, health and beauty in your life and believe that it is yours naturally. You want comfort not luxury, efficiency in the cars performance not always outward beauty alone, economy in operation and performance. This is your simple down to earth nature. If it is beautiful it will add to your pride and delight.

As a Taurus, you must make it a point to put part of your money away where you cannot touch it. An annuity that matures when you reach forty or fifty. A savings account that you must leave for two years to draw bigger interest rates, or in real estate that lies on the outskirts of some growing community that will mature in ten to twenty years, giving you security for old age. A Taurus grows wealthy by being conservative and using their money wisely. You find Taurus's in businesses where they can handle money or be around money. Banking and the investment fields are good for you to align with. Taurus is a natural salesperson for such products that deal with beauty and women, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, home furnishing and food products. A Taurus considers investments connected with land such as commodities on the market, oil speculation, and gold mines. Taurus's often get rich through things from the earth. Buy a home early in your life, for you must work from a solid base and you will be able to concentrate better on making a success financially if your home life is settled, routine and comfortable.

Taurus is the grand cultivator. Living in the garden of practical yet beautiful earthy delights. Being very tactile and sensual but not necessarily willing to display this. The Taurus is creative in a pragmatic sort of way, wanting to bring the envisioned into the reality of having. The Taurus loves the earth and wants to nurture mother nature into beautiful gardens, meandering paths, peaceful ponds, for a pleasant retreat and the pleasure of solitude. Many enjoy yoga, sports and gardening for their physical activity.

The Taurean is a relentless worker and is very methodical and thorough and has great endurance. Good exercise can relieve burnout, especially the type where you compete with yourself to get better results. Music is another healthy outlet, as is napping or meditation. Writing poems about anything will help free up creative blocks.

  • Ruler
    Venus 2nd House
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
  • Fall
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    0.62 years
  • Body rotation period
    58.32 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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