Octoboer 24 - November 22

  • Astrological Symbol
  • Zodiac Symbol
  • Constellation
  • Element
  • Zodiac quality
  • Color of choice
    Dark Red to Maroon
  • Starstone

You are a passionate and intense individual. You may gain attention through creating dramatic situations. You may also be secretive.

The Scorpio needs to express passion and a flow of creative expression. They can be hindered by emotional fixations, reluctance to be open, and fear of losing control. They desire to go to the depths of any subject and uncover secrets.

Scorpios do well in medical and military fields, Scorpio women often become successful nurses. Scorpios are very talented in mechanical work, as electrical engineers, transportation, communication, TV, publishing and advertising. They have good skills in financing, stocks bonds, investment, real estate banking and sales work. Scorpio is volatile and energetic and likes to go into occupations where they can work off some of the fire and steam. They like to be the boss and do not take orders well in subordinate positions. They rise to the top because of determination, love of power, enjoyment of luxury and the good life that money can buy. Scorpios have a healthy respect for money, knowing that it represents power and they are never satisfied at the bottom rung of the ladder of success. They must rise to the top and this ambition often makes them seem ruthless, cruel and aggressive. The Scorpio makes enemies with the traits of sarcasm and desire for revenge. These qualities must be curbed if they want lasting success.

There are two types of Scorpios; one is highly idealistic, aspiring, and intellectual, representing the eagle. The other is the Scorpion lurking in the physical in the material world of sensuality, selfishness and greed. The eagle type approaches on an intellectual level. The lower type is only interested in physical and material interests. The higher type of Scorpios are interested in a beautiful home, love of family and loyalty to children. They want security in finances to settle down and enjoy the good life. They are ostentatious and would rather be seen in a very expensive Cadillac than a smaller car. They will spend lavishly on things and they want to present a bigger than life image. Scorpios are very lavish with their love and money when it comes to a person they like. Any time you deal with a Scorpio with money there are always strings attached. They help others achieve goals and are very good in all businesses dealing with the handling of money, food, liquor, garages, transportation, medical, drug activities and sports.

Scorpios are born to get rich and they study their own nature, for weaknesses and strengths, to find what to work on to overcome blatant weakness of the lower nature. These weaknesses are generally extravagance, wastefulness, boastfulness, and an ego that is dominating and demanding.

The Scorpio needs to always work on refining personality and bringing culture into their lives by developing an artistic self and an interest in a finer life. They have a master scheme to achieve riches and success and have compelling reasons to work, to become better. For example, the security of their family, the education of their children, the acquiring of material possessions for security and material comfort. Scorpios are very combative and aggressive and do not like a dull routine. They need to get out and to meet people and express their opinions and dynamic magnetic personality. They are good at selling and promoting merchandize and do not shy away from meeting the heads of big corporations. Some have a great talent for engineering transportation, television production or direction, as well as for the publishing fields and advertising. Once they get into any of these fields they quickly rise to the top.

They must avoid being petty and penny pinchers as some Scorpios are and realize that to make money, you must spend money. It takes them time to understand the value of advertising their services in order to capture the public attention. Scorpios hate to spend on things that are intangible, but realize that you are expecting to make money from the public so you must tell them about your wares.

Scorpio moves through the stages of healing like no other. You move from the level of the Snake to the Dove.

The Snake in the negative form devours its prey whole and consumes it within its body. It is very materialistic and crawls upon the ground. It can shed its skin and so represents the power of immortality. The story of Gilgamesh tells of this very well. The next symbol on the path of healing is the Spider.

The Spider spins a web and has very highly attuned psychic powers. The Spider can feel anything touching its web and move quickly to poison its victim and wrap in its web and hold it for nourishment in a trance state.

The Scorpion is the next symbol and here this solitary creature wishes to be alone and undisturbed. It is an arachnid or from the spider family and is cold blooded. It has six legs and a tail that holds powerful venom that can not only destroy that which disturbs it, but also itself. Only the Human can kill itself like the Scorpion and this is done through the passion of the moment for power. The power of life and death is held by the Scorpion.

All of the above symbols hold venom in their bodies. From the Snake it comes out of the mouth through its hollow teeth. The spider has a round body and sends the poison into its prey through the stomach. The Scorpion uses its tail to deliver the fatal blow.

The first higher symbol of Scorpio is the Eagle. The Eagle is the highest flying of birds with keen vision and can see its prey on the earth's surface from 1,000 feet above the ground. It is a spiritual symbol but is still associated with the earth.

The Phoenix is a mythological entity that rises from the ashes. It lives 500 years burns to ashes and then is reborn showing the immortality of its spirit.

The final symbol of Scorpio is the White Dove. This is the point where peace is obtained and the body is purified and transformed into purity. The White Dove is the harmless bringer of peace, rest and pure neutrality.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
    Venus and Terra
  • Exaltation
  • Fall
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    247.68 years
  • Body rotation period
    6.4 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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