November 23 - December 21

  • Astrological Symbol
  • Zodiac Symbol
    The Archer
  • Constellation
  • Element
  • Zodiac quality
  • Color of choice
    Rich Purple
  • Starstone

You are a sunny and adventurous individual. You are optimistic and philosophical, and may tend to bluntness.

Sagittarius is the path of the disciple. It is the path that leads & expands onward, up to the noble vision. You are a traveler to a home far, yet friendly. A place of new adventure where there is a new land, meaning, and consciousness. In you, there is the will of a seeker and explorer that wishes to see it and then go on again after more enjoyment and more truth.

As a Sagittarian, you have a personality that is colored by your philosophy. You are very moral and live with an upright optimistic outlook. Your ruling planet is Jupiter and you like to show your big hearted, expansive nature. You enjoy humor because it brings you a lightness and a carefree attitude. You present a natural charm and magnetism and learn to use your generous nature to help others become more independent. You are a natural born leader but are slow to take responsibility. As you travel and learn about people's belief systems, life patterns and ideals, you find you are connected with all.

You have generally high standards which can lead to intolerance and insensitivity to others when they do not see your truth. The Symbol for Sagittarius is the Centaur, half man and half beast. You enjoy the good life and are slow make commitments. When you are traveling and opening up your broad-minded nature, you'll find good fortune wherever you go.

You are highly idealistic, love to travel and show an independent and progressive spirit. Any work connected with travel, travel agency or conducting tours to foreign countries can be very helpful. You can do well in finance and investments, the stock market, banking, insurance, and higher finance.

You are highly dependable and can become an excellent executive. The keyword for you is INDEPENDENCE and you will never like work that ties you down to a routine or that is boring and detailed. With your creative mind you can and become inventor, writer, artist, composer and or a performer in the theater and motion pictures.

It is the fields of finance and industry that most Sagittarians excel. You can build fortunes through perseverance, willpower and determination but this is hard for you because generally you want instant success and speculation is a problem.

You are easy to motivate and influence because you enjoy people and are cheerful, optimistic and agreeable. Your virtues are honesty, integrity and friendliness and you look for this in others. You want a fair deal and if someone misrepresents something to you and you find out about it you are finished with them for life.

You look for people with integrity and a person who always tells the truth. These people will win your eternal loyalty and affection because of their integrity. You are naturally social minded and have groups of friends or join clubs and organizations. You do not like conspicuous affections but an honest, sincere and simple approach.

Your main interests are business, politics, sports, animals and children. You love outdoor activities and are happiest in the country surrounded by natural beauty. You have an independent spirit and do not like to be hemmed in. You like people who are causal and not possessive with you.

You do very well and make more money when you get into a position where you can travel. It is your nature to be on the go constantly and you could do well representing a big company, by traveling a great deal. You could also succeed by owning, or operating your own company. You are excellent in public work of any kind where meeting people is important. Jupiter governs the public, government posts, finances, and investments in stocks and commodities. You are best in positions of public trust and can make a dedicated public servant and politics is a natural field. Money is not always the goal for the Sagittarius but long term security is. You are independent and do not like to go into partnerships as a rule. It is a test of faith for a Sagittarius to find a person who is as honest and reliable as you are.

Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy and the higher mind. Working in occupations associated with a large charitable organizations, raising money for them, or doing some philanthropic work, might not bring you riches, but it would bring you great personal success and satisfaction. You require something more from life that just making money.

Your social nature is agreeable and outgoing and you should get into organizations early where you can make contacts with the most influential and successful men and women in your community. This can be political, social or religious. In this way you will meet the right types of people and be as lucky as you can be.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
    No planet (or South Node)
  • Fall
    No planet (or North Node)
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    11.86 years
  • Body rotation period
    9.92 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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