February 20 - March 20

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  • Color of choice
    Soft Seagreen
  • Starstone

You are an imaginative and serene individual. You need to express your fantasies and imagination, and may be a dreamer or be ungrounded.

Being a Pisces you are naturally mystical and have a very hard time getting clearly focused. You have an empathy with lives and problems of others and need to understand others through your compassion.

You find that your energy and self-expression are colored by deep spiritual and soul yearnings. You have an overwhelming vulnerability to the pain of others wishing to be a helper and a savior of those in need. You live within a deep inner life while feeling for every other being.

Pisces is a dual sign and so you tend to have more than one occupation in your life. You can do just about anything, nursing and teaching are especially good careers as this allows you to provide your deep sense of caring and patience to others. You can also be an excellent musician, singer and or actor. On the more scientific side you are just as easily found in the realm of medicine as a chemist, chemical engineer, druggist, radiologist and or a specialized physician. Neptune rules the sea and you love to work with occupations involving oil or the sea, navigation or the bodily fluids.

Finding what you really like is not easy, because there are two types of Pisces, one is swimming upstream and one down. The drifter is an example of the inconstant Pisces. He is the one that swims downstream in life without purpose or direction. He is usually a weak and vacillating person. He is often afflicted with a drinking, drug or gambling problem and he may wind up a miserable failure dependent on others for his sustenance. The Pisces that swims upstream is on a path of success of inner and outer riches. He is willing to give assistance and he is generally easy going and kind hearted, always trying to help others.

The Piscean is very emotional and you will always wish to aid others who you feel compassion toward but, this can be a weakness and can cause a lack of reasoning and rationality.

Your children, your spouse, partners, pets, and friends all mean a great deal to you. In fact you live for your family and friends. You like a beautiful home so you can entertain friends and you enjoy a beautiful car so you can share it with those close. You are very social and you can meet new friends easily.

As a Pisces you must overcome the duality of your sign by making up your minds to be firm, strong and surmount wavering and vacillation. In choosing a career or course in life you are served best when you try to adhere to it. You follow visions and seem to be forced at some points in your life to changing your direction by outer confusing circumstances over which you have no control. You understand it as more like an inner guide, has come to help you through the rough parts of your life. You cultivate a firmness of purpose and determination to do the best that you are able to from these experiences.

You have a very strong magnetism for people and have a hypnotic charisma. By using your magnetic appeal and compassion you have a commanding presence; others are willing to request your services. You are a natural healer and can become successful in medicine, chiropractic and pharmacy. You also have a fondness for food and good living and can do very well in restaurants or catering services. Being a natural party giver or hostess, you know how others feel and are good at arranging and presiding over social events.

You are good in any in any work where you are required to meet the public. You are sensitive and have good intuition. You sense how to win people over to your ideas. This makes you very good at selling products, drugs, domestic and beauty products. Pisceans excel in cosmetology and could own and operate salons that cater to a fashionable clientele.

You always need to learn to hold onto your money as one of the Pisces traits is generosity and you might spend all you make helping independent friends or members of your family.

You are best in caring for and counseling people. But, you do have a green thumb and like plants and growing things. In the fields of agriculture, botany and horticulture you can do very well and be very satisfied.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
  • Fall
    Pluto and Mercury
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
  • Body rotation period
    16.11 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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