September 24 - October 23

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You are diplomatic, and have a strong need for peace and harmony. Beauty is important to you, and you could be vain.

Libra is the other side of Aries and manifests the need for partnership. This need is not so much a need as the intrinsic way that life operates. The requirement to be fulfilled by the other. The graceful and social Libra provides harmony and works in service to relationships. A Libra lifts up the one who needs it in order that their dreams are fulfilled. The Bodhisattva is the ideal of Libra.

Sun in Libra is in its fall so there is a great concern for others which can become a detriment if done in a co dependent manner. It is typical for a Libra to have a constant urge to create balance in relationships and a harmonious lifestyle. Personally you need to be recognized for your impartiality, fairness, kindness, and ability to conform opposing energies. Your sense of individuality can be obliterated through over concentration on pleasing others.

You're enormously talented in a creative and artistic way and enjoy work that engages your higher creative mind. Consequently, Libra's make excellent actors and actresses for you have attractive features, pleasant smiles and beautiful eyes. You are expressive, emotional and capable of transmitting beauty in the personality and through the voice and have tremendous emotional balance.

Libra's choose legal or diplomatic professions for careers as well, you are fluent speakers and dynamic personalities. You have magnetic personalities so you are excellent salespeople especially in products that deal with beauty, the home, jewelry, fashion designs, interior decorating or art. Libra is the sign of social service and Libras do volunteer work to better social conditions and raise social and racial justice.

Libra works best with others and make good partners in businesses that require cooperation and adaptability. You are natural peace makers and thrive in an atmosphere of harmony. You make good labor leaders or mediators. You are honest and trustworthy and should be in work where you can use their high sense of integrity and justice. You have a great sense of the value of words and can become an excellent teacher, minister, and or public official. You know how to present an argument and use your influence to persuade the public. Libras are very interested in the literary professions; columnists, TV commentators, and playwrights.

You appreciate peace, harmony, balance and don't like hysteria, confusion and domination. You love and beauty, and admire anything that brings out your love and admiration. You are also charming, friendly and approachable and committed to being well groomed, attractive, and have emotional security.

Sometimes a Libra is inclined to being snobbish in social relationships and will do anything to maintain a level of high standards and ideals.

You must realize you like comfort, luxuries and the things money can buy. In order to get the things you dream about, you have made up your mind to acquire skills and talents that will bring you rewards. Libras spend money as fast as it comes in and sometimes faster so it is good to look for professions that bring in money quickly and lots of it such as a beauty salon, jewelry, reducing salons, investments and speculation. You're cleaver in social dealings and people like you because you're cheerful, smiling, witty, and a good conversationalist.

You enjoy being in clubs and have a wealth of friends because you attend dances, parties, and social events and continue to meet individuals who are involved in the social world.

You are apt to build a large network, with others, who will invite you to their circles and enlarge your social and business contacts.

You are quick at discovering talent and can be a business manager or agent for such talent. You're also a good teacher in areas that are typically Libran; schools for art, law or anything that has to do with making things more beautiful. You have a constant need for bringing beauty into the world and refining what is. You're very human, but still like to remain safe from intense passion, for it can knock you off center. You have an ability to compromise and keep things fair when well developed and balanced in your own life.

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  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    0.62 years
  • Body rotation period
    5,823 (hours)
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