July 23 - August 22

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You are good-hearted, have a sunny personality, and a strong need for attention. You have a generous nature, but can be arrogant.

You radiate confidence and encouragement to others and can vitalize any enterprise. You constantly want to be noticed and are motivated by a need to be recognized for your generosity. Pride is a dominant personality characteristic; heartfelt, but childlike, your emotions are always at work.

Leos exhibit lots of personal magnetism and leadership and you are fit for a high position in life. You need to have a job where you can rise to the top. If it offers no chance for advancement, you should not take it for you will be wasting your talents. The Leo needs to be the boss. Medicine and law are the two leading professions for those born in Leo. You could make a good business administrator, supervisor, and manager of any type of business, dealing with the general public and are well suited to deal with people and make an excellent salesperson. You have a charm and magnetism which is almost hypnotic in persuading people to buy the products you're selling. You can excel in the arts and business, through writing, acting, music, composing, creative art, interior decorating, mechanical design, architecture, building, contracting, land development, and real estate. These are all excellent fields for the Leo born. Leo's also make great writers.

Leo is the personality, and you have grandiose ideas, love flattery and attention, are self centered and egotistical and respond to people who cater to your needs. You can win the attention of any Leo by being enamored with their charm, personality, looks and importance. The Leo must be the center of focus in your attempts to win them and influence them in your direction. Leo's are not worried about future security or how long a product will last. You are concerned with how it will give you the edge over other people or how it can add to your importance and public standing. You like recognition and social prestige.

Leos need to realize that the Sun, as the ruling planet, never takes a back seat for any other planet, it dominates our planetary system and gives life to earth. You must realize that you were born to rule, to dominate, to be a boss and not a worker. Leos need to strive early in their lives so you need to get into a position where you can hold a position where others work for you. You should try to get into your own business if possible where you can meet the public and exercise your natural charm and magnetism in influencing others to buy your products and or services. A Leo is a person with super persuasive powers and salesmanship. You must focus on getting into the right field where you can meet important, successful and rich people and this can be in the investment field as a stock broker or real estate agent. Leos can become lawyers, working with large corporations, but should avoid criminal law. Leo's also make good doctors especially pediatricians, treating children, or as psychiatrists catering to a wealthy clientele. Leos are lucky and can turn almost any kind of profession and become a big success. You are especially favored in the entertainment world either as a performer or a maker of stars. You have the ability to recognize talent and you can be found as an agent in many different fields organizing people, actors, singers or group developing and distributing entertainment. Leos also do well on TV and in theater and so do well in the political arena as well, with power, personal charm and magnetism. Some Leos have a talent for literary work and can be noted publishers as well.

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