May 22 - June 21

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Geminis embody many of these qualities, being you are curious, infectiously talkative, and versatile as well as often unreliable and evasive. Gemini rules the free connection of ideas and enjoys a wide variety of social contacts that are necessary for full self-expression. As a Gemini, you express yourself verbally, and want to receive recognition for your intellectual abilities. Sustain your efforts in one area at a time so that you can complete something and feel a sense of accomplishment even though you think you could be a multitasking genius. A Gemini is multi-talented and it may be hard to find one line of work or you possibly would want a couple of completely different jobs in this emerging world where everyone has 2 or 3 jobs. There must be variety, continual change, and meetings with new and interesting people in a job that engages the higher creative mental faculties. You tend to change positions every 3-5 years and prefer something creative and artistic or perhaps you can create a job for yourself that keeps you learning more skills constantly to keep you from becoming monotized (new word)! Geminis seldom chose nursing, because you do not like suffering and pain; you prefer an atmosphere of lightness and gaiety.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs the higher mind, sign of talent in the creative arts and fields of communication; radio, TV, stage, motion pictures. Geminis are proficiently verbose in writing, directing and producing, and good in the musical field as performing artists, composers, and symphony directors. Geminis have great dexterity and choose sports as a creative outlet for this talent. Generally you enjoy public politics, foreign travel, and representing large organizations.

As an air sign the intellectual rather than the emotional is an area where you thrive. Communications are your field where you enjoy speaking and reading on a great variety of subjects. This is what gives you such a wide range of ideas, thoughts, opinions and knowledge.

The duality of the sign is perfect for the mental arena where the use of objective logic and analytical thinking is paramount. Stress is generally caused by being overwhelmed by emotions and or frustrated by obstacles where mental adjustments do not allow you to flow freely. Making decisions can be problematic because you tend to vacillate between the alternatives which makes you a good teacher and a debator for the sake of the argument. The world can be a joyous experience as everyday offers a new oppotunity for discovery. When you learn to use your talent of observation and communication you can mold the world towards your desire of the moment with great flair and excitement. The earth grounds your electrified air energy and you feel comforted by the world of physical things when in tune with your being. Mother nature offers you peace and solitude so you may find that your religion is best when combined with the natural environment.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
    No planet (or North Node), Ceres
  • Fall
    No planet
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    0.24 years
  • Body rotation period
    1,408 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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