December 22 - January 20

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You are responsible and respectful, with a strong need to be an authority figure. You command respect and may tend to superiority and bossiness.

You are a hard worker and value hard work, authority and achievement. You work with a single-minded discipline toward well-defined goals. You can be too practical and frozen by pessimism and develop a cynical attitude only basing yourself around respectability and appearances.

A Capricorn is determined and never gives up trying get to the top. You often get there sometimes with little talent but with great powers of persistence and stubbornness. Capricorns work best dealing with facts and figures. You are hardheaded realists and can make good accountants, bankers, and real estate and insurance salesmen. You can often rise to the top of your chosen occupation because you are ambitious, hardworking and stubbornly determined to succeed. You are a loner because you are suspicious of others and sometimes seem ruthless, brushing aside all objections and obstructions with a complete disregard of how you may hurt the feelings of others. Capricorns are excellent in computer science, engineering, architecture, politics, research specialists, bankers, accountants and lawyers. You seldom choose the medical profession or the arts as a career, although if you have enough talent, you may use your will to top as a writer, actor or a singer.

A Capricorn is a very complicated and difficult person to control because he is very set in his ways and you cannot push or force him. You are a leader and like to be the head of anything you are associated with. Capricorns like recognition and power. You can be for the underdog once you get in the lead which is your first priority then you will help others with a long standing loyalty. You are really only interested in things that will add to your prestige and recognition.

A Capricorn needs to pick a compelling goal that seems impossible to achieve and then diligently plug away with only that goal in mind. This motivation is what the Capricorn requires of himself to reach the top of the ladder of success. Capricorn has the ability to delegate and control large business and work in business that employ and service large numbers of people. A sure path is the profession of law for the Capricorn because you see it as a ladder of success. Many criminal and civil attorneys are born Capricorns and then went on into to government and amassed fortunes.

There is another kind of Capricorn as well that does not seem to have a goal. They are the ones that are cynical and pessimistic and find fault with everyone's plans. They also tend to use others for their own benefit and weigh them down with obstacles and fears. This type resides in selfish concerns where the natural ambition is turned in rather than turned outward on to the world.

The Capricorn needs to add to his prestige be allowed to take a prominent place in any organization as an advisor or associate. A Capricorn has a solid business sense and sees through shams. You will only take calculated risks that have a good reward. You like to think bigger than most and see the whole view of the world than the small ones that others may accept. You have high standards and will be unyielding in demanding satisfactory accomplishment from employees.

A Capricorn should go into business as early as possible and you operate best in independent business. You need to be your own boss and establish credit early in your careers for you will require plenty of capital to carry out your big dreams in the future.

You work to make important contacts with many important people and understand the value of political connections. The climbing mountain goat takes a lot of time but by slow surefooted plodding methods he gradually reaches the top. The Capricorn works slow and painstakingly using his natural high intelligence and to achieve the goals you have a compelling desire for.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
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  • Fall
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    29.46 years
  • Body rotation period
    10.66 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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