June 22 - 23 July

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You are a caring and nurturing individual with a strong need for family and comfort. You may be emotional and fearful.

Cancer rules the sense of individuality and the home. This is expressed most clearly in a familiar, sheltered environment or situation. There is the feeling and instinctive urge to protect the ego, building the inner self a nest from which it can safely radiate creative energy. Your moods and sensitivity are difficult to maintain. Cancers are noted for imagination and creativeness. You excel in planning and overseeing big ventures that involve large groups of people and big sums of money. You have a good political sense because of good vision, memory and courage. You are good at organizing and can handle many diverse interests.

Cancers are very attached to their family of origin and protective of their family's image to the outer world, often very close and completely enmeshed....or maybe later they discover they didn't feel loved enough...and feel rejected with a lot of resentment. Cancers are often teased or ridiculed (this is abuse either way!) about how sensitive they are when actually this is one of their finest points. Anyone with the need or desire for nurturing will treasure this! Cancers need this too and if they aren't getting it can become very may notice some crusty old characters of the Cancer type in old folks around you...they either didn't get enough nurturing or were shamed for their sensitivity. Cancers need to be careful to inform those close to them of their needs and feelings so they aren't misunderstood and they don't have to guilt trip others, 99% of people can't read your mind. If you are very moody this is very important. Also it would be wise to ask people to call and ask if you want company (are you in that mood?), this is so you can set up some personal boundaries so you aren't feeling resentful about being a doormat.

Cancer women, are good teachers and nurses, they make excellent secretaries, sales aids, and personnel directors. Many go into interior decorating with success. Cancer men do well in business dealing with the sales of real estate, stocks, and bonds, insurance or products for the home such as furniture, household appliances, TV and kitchen furnishings. Cancers can do well in almost any profession; sportsmen, writers, industrialists, composers, and are fantastic actors. Their talent is tremendous and with proper training, you can achieve in the creative or artistic fields.

Always remember in your dealings with Cancers that they are sensitive people. Handle them careful and avoid saying things that irritate them. Do not criticize or find fault but give them kindness and love and understanding and you will win them to your side. They're kind and generous and loving and trusting souls that respond to kindness, courtesy and gentility. They are conservative so you cannot sell them a product or service without them giving it a great deal of consideration and thought before they buy it. They find it difficult to make decisions and never commit without hedging and stalling. You can always appeal to their protective and love instincts for their family. They will do anything for their marriage partners and their children. You must show them how it will benefit their families how it will improve their home and their families comfort, health and well being. Appeal to their hearts and pocketbooks. Cancers tend to worry about the future and they fear all types of things. If you can give them reassurances of security, safety, sanity and financial growth in the future, they will listen to you and respond with positive action. They are highly imaginative people and you must appeal to a high quality of emotion that is engendered when you call up visual images of good things your product or services will do for them.

For a Cancer to get rich they must overcome the tendency to be excessively conservative, and take a chance at times on an investment or a business venture that is presented. They will check it thoroughly. They must be forced within, to take a stand, and be determined to be a success. This positive attitude will get rid of their vacillation and sidestepping of the issues that can often cause them to lose a golden opportunity to become rich or famous. In business they can do well to choose the restaurant or hotel business, where they can sell food and drink at reasonable prices. They have a good knowledge of what the public wants and this should bring them good fortune in this business. With the moon as their ruling planet, they are good at any work that has a high degree of imagination; designing clothes, decorating, selling cosmetics or jewelry or becoming a writer of fiction. If they decide to go into the business in the industrial world they should choose some product that deals with women, the home or children. They have an instinct for what the public wants and needs and they can be a success in manufacturing or selling anything from toys to washing machines. Retail merchandising is good for Cancers and making sales to the public. Real estate development is favorable as well, because they are able to evaluate accurately what property is worth what they can get it for it, and with improvements, what they could sell it for. Cancers also like to go into the antique business by buying and importing antiques from foreign countries and selling them for a large profit in this country. They have a natural feeling for fine books, good art, and valuable antique furniture and can make a great deal of money in this field.

Your sense of individuality is expressed most clearly in a familiar, sheltered environment or situation. You feel an instinctive urge to protect your ego; building your inner self a nest from which you can safely radiate. Levels of vitality and creative energy depend on your moods, and so are difficult to maintain.

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    27.3217 (hours)
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