January 20 - February 19

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You are unconventional, friendly, unpredictable and innovative. You like originality and may become rebellious.

You radiate a friendly, people-oriented mental energy but can be a bit different than others. You value humanity and the intellectual world. You need to find what is right or true. Your individual expression can be distracted by a kind of self effacement, denial and concentration on your perceived duty or in aimless rebellion. Aquarians like people and shine a friendly human quality that brings others into a sense of connection with a grand scheme.

You are generally healthy and can be a success at many things, although you do not choose fame, fame chooses you. You do not have to struggle to reach the top, it just seems like you are elevated by circumstances in your life over which you seem to have little control. This can cause you to be naturally nervous, for you feel that your life is sometimes out of control, and you do not know if you are being guided to advancement or disaster.

You are helped by people who recognize your star talents and they want to assist you in rising to the top of the ladder of success. This does not mean that you do not apply yourself to be successful, but it means people and circumstances seem to happen for you, by coincidence, to fit your own aspirations and needs.

You work best with the public spotlight and can be a good executive, politician and public servant. You have a flair for showmanship in your personality and you always seem to others, to be, magnetic, warm and sympathetic. Often, you help those who are struggling, and sometimes, are for the underdog. You have a good, almost remarkable memory and excel in any work where they must depend on inspiration, memory and intellect. You absorb facts easily and seldom have to study hard. Many Aquarians have the ability to recall everything they have ever read, seen or heard. They make good scientists, inventors, writers, horticulturists, businessmen, investors, and electronic experts.

Aquarians are noted for benevolence and kindness. You feel a cosmic need to help those who are unfortunate and underprivileged.

You do not like to be criticized or downgraded, you have a strong sensitivity and will withdraw into a shell if someone finds fault with you. You like to cooperate with people and be in cooperative efforts. If people are negative, you would rather not be around them, because it is your feeling, that negative people do not accomplish or achieve much.

You are very intellectual and you are on the mental plane rather than on the physical. You are naturally magnetic, idealistic and charming.

It is very important for you to curb restlessness and time wasting, by setting your goals for the future then setting out to work, to make them come true. You can be inclined to lose interest in things quickly and often try one thing after another, losing valuable time. By being selective in the key people you work with in social and business circles you have a much easier time achieving goals. You will always do very well in social, political and business circles. You are better at being a business executive or head of an organization than being an ordinary worker. This is because you are always looking for the easier way to do things and this is why you tend to rebel from manual labor and use your head to achieve success and riches. You generally manage to spend more than you earn, on a salary, so money must come in large quantities to satisfy your voracious appetite for luxury, comfort and high living. You learn, or know better, than to try to speculate or gamble on anything, but real estate.

The professions that allow the Aquarian to truly live concerns the new age marvels of TV, aviation, aerospace, computers, telecommunications, motion pictures, and almost any electronics field. Under the influence of the planet, Uranus, anything that is original or different, intrigues you.

  • Ruler
  • Detriment
  • Exaltation
    Saturn, Mercury
  • Fall
  • Mean AU from Sun
  • Sidereal period of orbit
    84.01 years
  • Body rotation period
    17.24 (hours)
  • Observed satellites

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