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Astrological, Akashic, and Tarot Readings


With over 40 years of experience in Esoteric, Chinese, Mayan, Babylonian, and Western Astrology, Rysa is an expert at reading the stars. In addition to astrology, Rysa's readings are supplemented by other techniques including Akachic and Tarot methods.

  • Astrological - Astrology translates the influences that the planets and stars have on your daily life guiding you toward your highest nature and purpose. It is a celestial study of the Divine Plan written in geometric patterns and morphogenetic fields, as above ~ so below. It is an essential and fundamental instrument and technique for understanding the course of your being throughout life and the nature and path of your soul. Each life is set upon an energetic template that unfolds in your chart and sets into motion many cycles and influences that have been agreed upon by your soul.
  • Akashic - Every soul travels through the dimensions. As the soul experiences essences of beingness and creation the vibrations of every thought, emotion and action are holographically recorded. Also known as the Book of Life, the Akashic Records is a repository of timelines within the universal eternal memory. These energetic recordings of your soul's evolution are accessed through your consent and in connection with your Higher-Self to bring forward relevant information to assist you in understanding and mastering levels of awareness, wisdom and love. This reading gives you a much broader perspective allowing you to contemplate alternative solutions to your troubles and allowing you to forgive yourself and others more readily so that you may walk through life more consciously on an illuminated pathway.
  • Tarot - We mainly use Traditional but also provide Inner child, Animal Totem, Angel Cards and more. These are fun and surprisingly insightful. Rysa and Ashnandoah are particularly adept with Cards and always find the right deck to present an empowering experience beyond normal channels.


Astrological, akashic, and tarot readings are powerful tools that can guide you through challenging times in or life. They can give you keen insights into uncertain futures regarding your career, relationships, and overall development. Readings are a great way to get to know yourself better, as well as gain additional understanding regarding other aspects of your life.

  • Natal - A Natal Chart is a snapshot of the world and Heavens at the time of your first breath. The beginning of self awareness is gained through an in-depth look at the celestial influences affecting your character and personality patterns, talents and challenges as well as the purpose and destiny of your life. Your positive qualities are emphasized and direction is given for transforming your obstacles. Gain new perspectives on your career and relationships to help bring about the fulfillment of your dreams and goals. My focus and goal is to help you understand these influences so that you may derive the most positive and meaningful direction in life.
  • Progressed - What are your desires? How are your needs changing? Do you know the reasons you want to change? As you change from within, your desires will be different and so will your needs. This analysis puts your life into order from an inner perspective.
  • Transit - Why are things happening the way they are? Understand where you are in your changes. From early ages to powerful years of 28-30, 36-42, 48-52 and 56-62 are major turning points and times of challenges and breakthroughs. Designed around what you need to know in your active world. Guaranteed to get you in shape for outer changes.
  • Solar Return - Your birthday coincides with a grand plan for your life. The Solar Return marks the position of the Sun on the moment of your birth. It initiates a new cycle for the new year and another step up in your evolution. Where you are located on your birthday can show how you will be rewarded and brought to know yourself.
  • Relocation - The place you live can help or hinder your life's goals. Haven't you wondered what it would be like to move to another location and what benefits it would have and how you might maximize your potential at this new location? This reading demonstrates advantages and disadvantages of the new location and how that will impact your career, relationships, spiritual unfoldment, relationships and more. The way you express yourself in different areas and the opportunities you have will increase by finding places more suitable and compatible to your energy.
  • Synastry - Is your relationship changing? Are you making important decisions? Where is love in your life? Know your intimate relationship on a real and deeper level. Who do you love? Awake to what love means to you.
  • Business - Business is about timing and relationships. In astrology knowing how to select the best date, time and location for an event or action is very important. For example, the selection of appropriate dates when starting businesses to increase the likelihood of success, the selection of dates for launching products to improve sales, to know which dates to steer clear from such as Mercury Retrogrades, to know the influences and aspects affecting particular timing on business deals or financial decisions, to understand astrocartography for locational strategy and even for compatibility between employees. This consultation will investigate strategies, business opportunities and pay attention to the matters at hand in operating and directing a company.
  • Child - Each person comes with their own nature and soul and chooses the best parents and environment for their energy and patterns. A better understanding of the unique calling, needs, emotional nature, triggers and talents that your child has provides you the opportunity to better understand them and mobilize efforts toward their greatest success and happiness. This will help you tap into their greatest strengths and guide them to mature early on in dealing with their challenges and expressing their talents.
  • Pet - Astrology plays an important part and role in affecting the character and role of your pet's life, be it a cat, a dog, a parrot, a pigeon, a horse, Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat behaves differently? Are you planning a breeding date for your prize horse? You'll have an easier time in raising your pets if you understand what makes them tick.

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